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The film of the project 'The Triskell II' (see link) has been completed in January 2012 and can now be viewed - magical images. My deep gratitude to W.K.M. Holderstock for this film.

Information about the film 'Nhour - The Light'

Additional background information about the film 'Nhour - The Light'. A project from 1991. Video documentary by Stefan Laug and W.K.M. Holderstock, 1991, 2009.

Information about the film 'Maasbharan - The Spiral'

This page gives some background information about the film 'Maasbharan - The Spiral', a video documentary by W.K.M. Holderstock, September 2008.

"I bring the circle onto the earth"

In conversation with residing installation, performance and object artist Stefan Laug in Stuttgart, Germany.
By Andrea Bistrich, journalist.

Silent Light

An Exhibition of Land Art and Installation by Stefan Laug and Installation "The Gathering" by Lynn Brunet.
University of Newcastle School of Fine Art Gallery, NSW, Australia. Wednesday 10th September - Sunday 28th September 2003.

The Avalokiteshvara Sand Mandala, Himalayas, North of India

During my stay at the school of Reru, Zanskar, North of India, in the Himalayas 2002, we became part of the creation of the Avalokiteshvara Sand Mandala, performed by Buddhist monks from Dharamsala. This was the first time it had been performed in this part of India.
The day the mandala was finished, I performed 'The 108 Defilements' on the plain next to Reru school. This performance probably presents the first complete list ever made on the 108 defilements, mentioned in Buddhist teachings. However, up to this time, they had not fully been revealed.
A few days later I performed 'The Global Prayer' in front of Mount Gumburanjon.

AMAH THU - The Heart of Matter

Speech on the occasion of the exhibition of works by Stefan Laug in the Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart (National Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, Germany) November 4th, 1991.
Professor Sotirios Michou, National Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, Germany.

Introduction into the exhibition: TAN - The Golden Mirror

Shisenkan Yakusugi-Museum, Yakushima, Japan, March 21st - April 4th, 1993.
Professor Martin Radt, National Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, Germany.

The Story of my Satsuma Biwa

I have built a traditional japanese string instrument: a Satsuma Biwa and this is the story how it was stolen from me by: Jhon Victor Miura Hardy.