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Maasbharan - The Spiral

Artist Stefan Laug has studied at the Academy of Arts and Design in Stuttgart, in Germany. He has received several state and national scholarships for his art work. Stefan's artistic projects, prayers and songs, which he performs worldwide, reflect his experiences of silence, meditation and transcendence, through intense experiences with the Divine Light. He receives the inspiration for his artistic works from encounters with the 'White Brotherhood' (also known as the Great Brotherhood of Light), the Ascended Masters of wisdom who guide him to do his work. His artistic works reveal to us deep mental, psychic and spiritual messages and make us familiar with another dimension of human existence in the present big change of consciousness at this time, with these world events and the spiritual evolution of humanity.

This DVD is of Stefan's 'light-performance', performed in the Taunus wood of Germany, from 24th onto 25th of July 2008. The name of the performance, Maasbharan, is not known in any known language. The word descended through Stefan's internal spiritual perception. Through this perception Stefan also receives instructions for what type of performances are to be done, about the location and the right time, and the directions for these complex healing transformations. Through this Stefan brings in a totally unique art form of expression and realisation that inspires global consciousness.

From the whole spectrum of Stefan's work only some aspects and manifestations could be seen by the broader public on his website, With this video documentary it is now possible for the first time to experience an all night vigil of his light-performance.

The Maasbharan DVD follows in chronological succession the course of the performance, without any commentary, from the arrival at the place up to the departure. The film also presents the recited invocation written by the artist for the project. Also of note is a short improvisation on the Shakuhachi flute by the artist in the title menu. The photo used in the menu was taken during the preparation period of the performance and shows the relevant woodland in Taunus some days before the performance took place. The menu link behind the displayed spiral leads to the chapter menu where single scenes of the film can be selected separately.

The author of the documentary thanks the artist and friend Stefan Laug dearly for the great opportunity to be allowed to directly take part in documenting this performance and also directs his gratitude to the Ascended Masters behind the scenes of the material world which grant inspiration, strength and protection for this work.

W.K.M. Holderstock
September 2008

link to the film: Maasbharan - The Spiral