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Nhour - The Light

Artist Stefan Laug has studied at the Academy of Arts and Design in Stuttgart, in Germany. He has received several state and national scholarships for his art work. Stefan's artistic projects, prayers and songs, which he performs worldwide, reflect his experiences of silence, meditation and transcendence, through intense experiences with the Divine Light. He receives the inspiration for his artistic works from encounters with the 'White Brotherhood' (also known as the Great Brotherhood of Light), the Ascended Masters of wisdom who guide him to do his work. His artistic works reveal to us deep mental, psychic and spiritual messages and make us familiar with another dimension of human existence in the present big change of consciousness at this time, with these world events and the spiritual evolution of humanity.

The composition of this installation consists of three parts, a rectangle, a trapezium and a circular area.

Together with the performance this art project illustrates the revelation of the Divine Creation, of the Cosmos and the world, on one hand by becoming revealed and being revealed, but also by the realisation of the Self, of the individual, the human being.

The rectangle - The Divine Image, yellow earth laying upon ground wheat - the Divine Light (wheat flour) revealing, birthing and sustaining matter, the external world of phenomenons (yellow earth).

The path manifests the ten levels, or ten steps as path toward Liberation and Revelation (also see: The 10 Steps Mandala), it is the White Path, the path of introspection, the realisation of the Divine in the Self.

The trapezium - the fine White Path, the ten steps consisting of brown earth, burned and unburned. Passing through the polar forces of matter, the path of purity, toward the realisation of oneness, toward the Liberation of the Self, the Self-realisation.

The Light and inseparable All-One, ultimately appears as a circle, at the end of the White Path, it is the unity with the Light, with the Divine and eternal. It is at the same time the threshold toward the absolute of the pure spirit, the end of the path and the beginning.

The circle - the circle consisting of yellow earth encircling a white circular area (ground wheat/ wheat flour), the threshold, the true Self. All-Oneness reveals when matter (yellow earth) has become a circle and the Divine Light appears, the Revelation, it is the beginning of Liberation.

With the realisation of the Divine Light within the Self begins the ascension into pure and true being.

W.K.M. Holderstock, Stefan Laug
December 2009

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