in the glowing diamond of polar remoteness
under the golden shimmer of the moon
and the flowing embrace of the stars

appeared the Light
appeared the knowing
appeared the power

black pearls extinguished in the Light
breaking walls of fear
released the grips of banished hearts

Silent Light


the diamond of the hearts
slumbered beneath the ashes of burnt Earth

under the golden moon
and the pure breath of the stars
extinguished the false black light of the past
the diamond melted into the heart of the Earth
and sounding winds united the circle

Silent Light

the morning heralded the silvery force of silence
which flowed into the new found freedom


across the diamond of the hearts
lay the past of ashes and of mortal melted time

when the moon melted into the golden Light
and the stars immersed into the Earth
breaking the chain of sable pearls
and the diamond Light returned
above the golden portal of Light, the power grew

Silent Light


space flowed into time
time disappeared into nothingness
and nothingness obliterated the falsehood
and the diamond returned into the hearts
knowledge set free into Light

Silent Light