two rainbows (halos) appeared above in the sky during the afternoon


in Earth's breathing temples
between the mighty pillars of Heavens expanse
upon red earth
between the moon and the sun


the spiral of the stars ascends
above Earth's very own
Silent Light forms
the piercing ray


the pentagram of heavenly planets
absorbs the dark brooding flow of the Earth
rising to the eternal Light of the One


while the spirals' stream
is transforming the world
and its power flows back to Earth's silent guardians
the original Light is thrown back on the core of humankind


where the beginning is about to start
amidst creation breathing
and transformation ascending
and an everlasting stream of return


thus the dancing stream of fires separates
the pretended lie from the virgin Light
and incinerates the false force
from the ancient seeds of knowledge


Silent Light
when Divine Will creates the worlds
Silent Light