where the stars' golden gate
guards the breath of the light

where the invisible tree of heaven
holds its powerful roots deep into the earth
and weaves its strong arms
into the spheres of heaven

Silent Light


where the earth sustains and hides
the unknown gates to the world
of knowledge of heaven

where heaven and earth
unite in harmony beyond the path of the stars

where the light-body unlocks
the stargates playfully
and floats into the worlds of heaven

Silent Light


as heaven melts with the earth
the light of the heart
flows through the spheres of heaven
down past the innermost bridges of the earth

and the wonderful healing powers
of the opal-forces weave the creative flow
of the lights of the hearts into the world

Silent Light


so the hearts breathe into heaven
and heaven flows through the hearts
and streams into the depths of the earth

and the light of the souls realizes
its eternal, cosmic body
and breathes its wisdom
beyond the stars into the light

love flows through the worlds and reveals
the eternal force by which all breathes

Silent Light