Silence sounded through the gates of Heaven
when the stars gave forth their breath
the beam of Sirius enclosed the Earth

White Silence breathes Heaven
White Silence breathes Earth

when the gentle wind
sings in the light of the stars

the Earth opened
the knowing sound of the temple stones


light filled space
opened between the spheres of the world

and the Indigo beam of Sirius
flows around the Earth
and flows into the dense spheres of the world

widens space
widens in light

Silent Light


when the circle of light flows into unity
truth recognizes itself

Silent Light


in waves of light
love surrounds
the spheres of the Earth into space

the wind transformed
into timeless star-silence of the light

unity flows into Earth

peace flows into Earth

harmony flows into Earth

light flows into Earth

Silent Light


with the power of the Cosmic Christ

Silent Light