the effective forces of all being
straddle emptiness and light

when the existence and power
behind all perceptions of reality

flows back into the intransformable
and eternal heart of all worlds

and reunites itself in the Divine Origin

and extinguishes the mighty force
of the grand illusion

and all its power decays
in the redeeming omnipotence
of all-encompassing love

and the one and only true reality

awakens in the consciousness of all worlds

in the consciousness of all effective streams

and all their paths


the voice of the light reveals the answer

freedom and blissful peace
fills the space
and fills the hearts of mankind

Silent Light


desires of the heart manifest itself in truth

and true wisdom awakens
in the stillness of the heart

fulfilled by the Cosmic Eye of the Christ

Silent Light


when Darkness is incinerated by Cosmic Light

Silent Light