the hour when the blue silence
of the cosmic night
presented the Star of the Christ

the day after all fairies and elves
were released from their terrestrial captivities
and the Golden Gate of
the Eternal and the One
sounded in divine illuminating concord
in the hearts of all humankind
by the Star of the Christ

Silent Light


in pearly-radiant stillness
light flowed through all the worlds
and in the sound of the Star
revealed the inextinguishable memory

of the truth of the connectedness of all worlds
of the truth of the unity of all souls
of the truth of the freedom of all entities


in the love of the One
the memory sounded in all the hearts in the world
and defeated the might of doubt
bestowed the force of light
bestowed the force of love
bestowed the force of knowing

Silent Light

Silent Light


all hearts of the world have been set free
the rings of might have
been annihilated in Cosmic fire
the cosmic laws of light return to earth
the cosmic laws of love return to earth

the White Space is created

Silent Light