Lord Maitreya
(who is the Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha
Krishna, or the Imam Mahdi)

please guide us all
the whole of humanity
all nations
all cultures
all races
and the whole mother earth

into a new world built upon
love and light
justice and respect
freedom and equality
peace and truth
sisterhood and brotherhood
compassion and mercy
harmony and abundance

May the all-pervading power of God
lead us all into a world of love and light

Lord Maitreya
you are the only one who has the power
you are the only one
who can lead us through the problems
the calamities and difficulties in this world

Please come into
the community of all nations
and the whole of humanity
and lead us along our path
with your infallible wisdom

The time has come now
and we all open our hearts for you

Maitreya, please be with us


Maitreya, please be with us