when the Cosmic Eye
passes the threshold
of the guardians of the earth
and the power of divine love and wisdom
names anew the sound of the earth


when the Divine Mother infuses
her golden Love into all hearts of mankind
and the Christ embraces the earth
in the celestial power of Light


when each soul through the Cosmic Eye
beholds eternal and uniting truth
and realization and light imbue the earth
like a gentle, fertile rain


so may the Divine Mother
carry us in love
and may the light of the Christ
free us in peace


may the strength of wisdom
lead us to right action
may the force of silence strengthen
our hearts with light and divine will
may the stream of divine love
through the Cosmic Eye flow into our hearts


Silent Light
when the Cosmic Eye of the earth awakens


Silent Light
when the Cosmic Eye bestows revelation


Silent Light
breathes in the heart of earth