in the deep, sinister hour
of enslaving forces
shades streaming with tears
eloquent of grief
pain-beaten cries
unheard-of lonelinesses
captivities in the maw of beings
of devouring darkness
in the gloomy realm of
forlorn, blinded time


Om Namaha
Mother Divine
Eternal, Breathing
in Golden Light
of Godly Love, self-bestowing Grace

my soul flows into thy Light
my soul flows into thy Eternity
my soul flows into thy Love


at the intersection of the worlds
I opened the door
Golden Light flows through darkness
it is dispelled in the light of all eternities
space draw a stream


Golden Light of Godly Love

fulfilled the blinded time
fulfilled the sinister space


when the Divine Mother
in her Emerald Stillness
streams through darkness

Silent Light
Silent Light

breathing Love
breathing Light

Allmaat - The Divine Mother